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11 Expert-approved Restaurant Bookkeeping Tips

Posted by Dev co on December 23, 2020

bookkeeping for restaurant

This knowledge not only helps in making informed decisions but also contributes to the long-term sustainability and success of the business. So, embark on the journey of restaurant bookkeeping with dedication and diligence, and watch your establishment thrive in the challenging world of hospitality. For More Detailed Article Visit
If you are looking for a trusted and reliable Bookkeeper for your restaurant business Visit Now. Point of sale systems are computerized systems that record orders and process payment transactions.

bookkeeping for restaurant

For example, if you own a small food truck business, your Accounts Payable would include food, supplies and equipment expenses. You should review your prime costs, CoGs, inventory counts, and labor on a weekly basis, not a monthly basis. These KPIs are controllable, but they can also easily get out of hand if not monitored. If you’re monitoring these figures on a weekly basis, you can patch any cost leaks without incurring too many damages.

Looking for ways to boost your business?

Ensure you document all transactions to easily access financial information when needed. It’s important to have an overarching financial plan before you get started with restaurant bookkeeping. A financial plan will help you stay organized and track your financial progress and metrics.

  • Restaurants with profits over $1 million should rely on the accrual method for accuracy and insight.
  • Your bookkeeper can categorize and reconcile the transactions imported from your POS system and manage your payroll.
  • By tracking your financial statements and recording transactions daily, you can catch them early on and avoid making mistakes in the future.
  • To evaluate the costs, divide the staff into groups of kitchen staff or managers to see which group is costing you more.
  • This integration not only enhances efficiency but also allows you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your restaurant’s profitability and overall success.

From the standpoint of the business, it can help make sure that you are not reimbursing your employees anything beyond what is necessary. Unless you have a background in accounting, many of its term may come off as a bit confusing. An accounting term sheet should come in handy, for both the experienced and those who are new to them. A familiarity with the terms can make finding the right accounting templates a much easier task.

e. Food sales

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping is worth far more than avoiding tax season headaches. With diligent financial practices, the right expertise, and sophisticated reporting mechanisms, you’re laying a foundation for business decisions based on the financial heart of your restaurant. The more transparency you have into the bookkeeping for restaurant key performance indicators that monitor the health of your restaurant, the more swiftly you can take decisive action to remedy wounds. In the digital age, accounting software is a game-changer for restaurant owners. Explore the benefits of restaurant accounting software and how it can simplify your financial management.

  • Beverages are another expense that can be tracked with the costs of goods sold.
  • Great food, brilliant customer service and all-round stellar dining experiences are probably why you got into restaurants in the first place.
  • Cost of Good Sold (COGS) is a KPI that shows how accurately you’re pricing your food items and controlling your inventory.
  • However, it depends on the type of restaurant you run, as costs may be higher or lower.
  • By mastering these aspects, you can enhance your restaurant’s financial standing, make informed decisions, and ensure the long-term success of your business.
  • Getting in deep into these statements may involve the use of a cash handling policy template.

Put simply, prime costs is the sum of your restaurant’s costs to sell its food, drinks and products—your COGS as mentioned above—plus the labor costs of your salaried and casual staff. Industry averages suggest your prime costs should be between 55% and 60%. While a POS system can’t populate all your bookkeeping templates, it can make life a lot easier by giving you quick and easy access to the key figures you’ll need.

Set Up the Chart of Accounts

From sales tax audits to menu engineering to capital structure, Bookkeeping Chef is the ideal tax partner to outsource some of your core accounting and financial management duties. For smaller and medium-sized food establishments we can also serve as an outsourced CFO or controller. Bookkeeping Chefs are an innovative and value-driven firm, dedicated to using technology. Our restaurant tax accounting expertise revamps the way that businesses maintain their financial records and daily accounting ledgers. We consult and coach our clients on the benefits of using technology to save time, money and focus on growing their businesses. In some ways, it’s how you measure the customer service and sales performance.

bookkeeping for restaurant

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